Welcome to mucky pups grooming courses.

Welcome to mucky pups grooming courses.

We originally opened our doors in 2012 and as we grew our team of pet stylists, we quickly discovered we had a great passion for delivering training and helping beginners become talented pet stylists.

As we have always operated as a busy grooming salon alongside a training school for our staff members our progression into becoming a training school has been a very natural transition. Our students can have confidence in knowing their trainer was once in their position with no experience and are now able to groom to a very high standard thanks to our dog grooming school.

With over a 10 years in an incredibly busy salon and have participated in many training events held at our salon by some of the most respected and talented groomers within the industry from across the world. Our salon follows all the latest global trends and we continuously attend training days to keep us at the forefront of the pet grooming industry.

We are a very versatile, passionate and dedicated school and salon and we will be able to share many different skills with you. Our main passion is Asian Fusion style grooming, creative colouring and working with and educating our clients on coat maintenance so that we can achieve stunning but manageable looks for their dogs.

You can feel confident when booking your training with us that you are in very capable hands with passionate and professional staff that will guide you through your dog grooming journey to become the Pet Stylist you have always dreamed of. We also provide you with business advice from our salon owner Leanne to give you a great head start and some professional direction into the world of business.

Our students will leave our school with the highest standard of technical and professional competence. Alongside last line, our school operates on a strict one teacher to four student basis for optimum learning.

Our courses

10 day course

Have you always dreamt about working with dogs? Don’t know where to start? Our ten day introduction to dog grooming course could be the perfect route for you.
On this course you will gain first hand experience in the cleaning, preparing and light grooming of various different coats. This course is ideal for anyone wishing to apply for a position as a pet stylist assistant or looking to learn the foundations of dog grooming before before using the tools.

20 day course - our most popular

If you have completed our first ten day course this is the perfect additional learning for you. Once you have mastered the correct methods of bathing and preparing coats then grooming and styling is the next step for you.

Upon completion of this course, you will have learnt all of the essential skills of dog grooming to be able to practice, practice, practice to make Pawfect in your new profession.

30 day course

If you would like to start your new career with a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience this is the course for you.

The course will run the same syllabus as our twenty-day course but will allow you an additional ten days of hand on grooming with additional breeds. This course will cover a larger selection of breeds and cover a wider range of grooming scenarios.


meet the team

Leanne - director

I founded Mucky Pups Grooming Salon in 2012 due to my love of creative grooming and dogs. These past 10 years in the salon seeing how my team have grown from strength to strength is very rewarding.

We are now venturing into professional training courses to share our skills with the next generation of pet stylists. I’m excited to see where the future takes us.

Olivia - Manager & Trainer

As Salon Manager, I started working for Mucky Pups in 2013.

I thoroughly enjoy training and being part of people’s journey to becoming pet stylists and I’m eager to share all my skills with future talent.

I started at the very bottom and worked my way up to the senior stylist and I take great pleasure in helping others achieve the same.

Tegan - Manager & Trainer

As Salon Management I started working for Mucky Pups in 2013.

I originally started my journey at Mucky Pups whilst studying Animal Care and Management in college and have been here ever since.

I love training students with the passion to become the next best pet stylist and seeing their quality of work after the process makes it all worthwhile for me.

Chloe - Trainer & pet stylist

I started working at Mucky Pups in 2018 with no previous experience and was studying Animal Care at the time.

I am now a confident pet stylist and my favourite breed to groom is a Cockapoo but my all-time favourite breed is a Rottweiler.

I have a 2-year-old Cocker Spaniel Milo that I also love to groom. I am very keen to keep progressing in my career and learn more skills.


I started my journey with Mucky Pups in 2016 as a grooming assistant whilst studying Animal Management in College.

I am now a competent and confident pet stylist grooming many dogs a day thanks to my training.

My favourite dog to groom is a Cockapoo and nothing gives me more satisfaction than a total transformation of the dog’s coat and style.


As a keen dog lover, I’ve always wanted to work with animals. I started a placement at Mucky Pups and fell in love with the job.

I now work full time covering all aspects of the dog grooming whilst being around the animals I adore and also get to bring my beloved pug “harper” to work which is a great bonus.

Talesha - assistant PET STYLIST

I have completed level One animal care in college and volunteered at Mucky Pups learning new skills with animals.

I have a natural aptitude toward dogs and have done since starting my apprenticeship where I am learning how to become a professional pet stylist.

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